Now you have extra opportunities to show your impressive gaming skills in 8 Ball Pool! That is the event you have been waiting for a long time: we add extra levels to the game. The players now are offered to go much higher than 150-th level.

That means that players who have reached the level 150 now can continue raising their scores starting from 151 and more which also mean that they have extra opportunities for extra cash earning and getting additional VIP points. Our team is excited waiting for the first hitter of the level 200…

Experience points are usually earned after ending the level. You will get point for any result, but more rewards are received by winners. Also the size of the reward depends on the level. The more complicated level is the more experience points it may bring.

Soon we will be working on the web and mobile updates. So watch out the time we will complete the updating process and start improving your rating level immediatly.