Surprise Boxes is a new recently launched feature of the game. Every time you get one, after opening it you will be rewarded with some useful things like coins, points and unique collectible stuff.

Consider the fact that such feature is available only in mobile version of 8 Ball Pool, but we are working on it implementation to the PC version. Remember that for now you can use collectible cues only while playing mobile game. The collectible things will become accessible as soon as the Surprise Boxes for web-version will be announces.

Ways to receive the Surprise Box

Surprise Boxes are available in the special game section of 8Ball Pool. Players can get them as a reward in Spin and Win or purchase them using Pool Cash. There are three versions of Surprise Boxes: silver, gold and diamond. The higher level is the more valuable price it carries. For instance, Silver Boxes may bring you some of special Rare clue and up to 20k coins. Diamond box in this matter may contain some Legendary stuff and 200k of coins or less.

Rare, Epic and Legendary Collectible stuff

Every opened Surprise Box carries some unique stuff you can create collections with. These clues are also valuable for gaming process as well as your statistics. They can disclose some new unrevealed earlier options and opportunities. You will be rewarded with experience points in order to get higher ranking scores. They will give you extra lives or coins in order you to continue playing.

As a bonus, they look very cute.